New York City’s Lower East Side has birthed a new breed of DJ.

Born May 26, 1983, Damian Perez is best known as DJBeyond© from the award wining entertainment group BeyondRest©.

Signed with Lo Maximo Productions, as a performing artist and personality, Beyond has broken the threshold to the concept of a “cross-over-artist”. From hosting the hottest and most exclusive venues to orchastrating national festivals and parades; hos versatilty and reach is unprecedented. From Classics to Latin to EDM, DJBeyond is the most definitive choice to transform any event into a party.

Broadcasting worldwide on Music Choice, and collaborating with artists of every genre, from Ariana Grande to Ziony Lennox and Ne-Yo, Damian’s brand has resignated across the globe.

An active role model in his community, Damian resides in the neighborhood he grew up ub as a kid. Emulating pioneers at every level, DJBeyond has choosen to maintain a broad spectrum of sound. He has appreciated all forms of musics and continues his education throughout his career; progressing into his own legendary sound with a crowd-capturing presence. He has become a true Master of Ceremonies in his own reit and a fixture in pop culture.