There is no denying there; New York offers the world’s best clubbing scene. From the speakeasy bars from 1920 to Limelight, and The Palladium, hubs of house, and hedonism. The clubbing in the city is what makes its nightlife one of the iconic experiences in the world. Those who have not experienced it are missing out on the adrenaline rush of all-night adventures, a jungle of jacking bodies, and the phenomenal subcultural subversion.

DJs have been ruling New York’s nightlife for many decades, and things are not expected to change in the future. From DJ Huggy Bear, the king of nostalgia-laden sets that last for seven hours, Mike and Mike, a duo that does wonders in voodoo rockabilly, Beg to Differ, the disco royalty, to François K, an underground music DJing legend, the New York DJs are stirring a hype in the world.

Damian Perez Jr., professionally known as DJ Beyond, is a name that always stays in the picture when it comes to DJing scene in New York. His signature blends are known for getting the party started. Some people even refer to him as the king of creating the perfect DJ blends. Recipient of the Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards, DJ Beyond, states, “Nothing is worse for a club-goer than a DJ who cannot blend the tracks perfectly.”

The unique blends and elite DJing skills have helped DJ Beyond become an integral part of New York’s competitive club scene. He is known for providing the party-enthusiasts exactly what they want. Partygoers in New York, head to a club to enjoy the upbeat environment the DJs create and this is what the clubs in New York provide.

Adding the Element of Perfection to the Dazzling New York Club Life

There are only a few cities around the world that offer a club life that is better than or equal to what New York offers to its dance freaks and DJing enthusiasts—adding to it our artists like Damian Perez Jr., who creates music that keeps the entire city alive throughout the night.

Damian Perez Jr. was born in Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York, on May 26, 1983. He was born in a Puerto Rican & Dominican family. Damian completed his primary education from Marta Valle High School and completed his general education development from the Alternative Education Complex.

Passionate to become a DJ and entertainer from his childhood, Damian was able to turn his dream into reality. He performs at the National Puerto Rican Day and The Dominican Day parades, festivals around the world, almost every year. Moreover, the DJs at West Indian-American Day Carnivals and New York City Pride parades as well.

Damian, who took up the professional name, DJ Beyond, has been featured in several TV shows, including MTV’s Wild n Out, WE TV’s Bridezilla, BET’s Rap City, VH1’s Love & Hip Hop.  His blends and tracks are known for their on-point beat that instills hype among the clubbers and those who listen to it on the radio.

Stirring Hype in the World of DJing

The Source Magazine talks highly about DJ Beyond’s success and also discussed how he was becoming a top DJ in New York. Being a top DJ in the city is helping him make a strong identity in the world of music. He is invited to several festivals and carnivals to perform his music blends. DJ Beyond was invited to perform at the Calle Ocho Music Festival in Miami and the Carnaval De Barranquilla in Colombia.

The merging DJ in the city has contracts with Hospital for Special Surgery, United Nations, Marriott Hotels, Playboy, Pepsi, Presidente Beer, and Cuba Libre. Moreover, he has also worked in collaboration with several clothing lines and brands. These include Diesel, BeBe, Puma Sneakers, Jimmy Jazz, and Pull-in.

His portfolio even comprises of his work with some notable artists such as Nas, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Trina, Ashanti, Ne-Yo, and Donell Jones. The collaborative projects he has worked on include those with Tamar Braxton, Shannell, Lizzo, Dawn Richard, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Timbaland, Remy Ma, Young MA, Lil Kim, Kerubanda, El Grupo D’ahora, and many others.

DJ Beyond is revolutionizing the music scene in the city, and he will take club DJing to a new level. His work has caught the attention of many record labels, and in 2013, he was signed by Lo Maximo Productions. It is DJs like him that elevate the standard of New York’s DJing scene and makes its nightlife a highlight in the world!

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